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I am placing videos on my YouTube channel on the products that I make, and other tips, tricks,
and techniques that may be useful to you. Please visit my YouTube channel for more.


Protect your wooden handles used in the kitchen

Utensils used in the kitchen, or around water, wooden handles can become rough and damaged from the moisture.

I have found this product to provide great protection and durability. MinWax Wipe-On Poly (a ployurethan). It is very easy to apply with a rag. Just follow the instructions on the can. Shake well, but not so vigorously that you introduce bubbles into the finish. About $12 at Home Depot or Lowes.

This will probably last you a lifetime of protecting wooden handles in about the kitchen. Works great to protect any wood product. You may want to mask off metal or plastic surfaces to prevent the poly from getting on those parts.



How to Balance a Wine Bottle

Instructions on how to get a bottle to balance. A pdf file.





Fixing Utensils Placed in the Diswasher

Sometimes we forget that some items require special care. Dishwasher soap and hot water can be harsh on utensils and wood.

Click here for some tips.




Using the Chalk Holder to get some chalks to stay in place.



Chalk Holder Notes




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