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A collection of Information on Shop Tools, Projects, Tips, Tricks, Jigs and Caveats


Description & Link Information & Additional Links YouTube Links
Shop Office Keyboard Tray & Tweaks PDF Instructions & Sketch https://youtu.be/AaJlm69ning
Extended Knobs for MicroJig 360 Table Saw Sled PDF sketch of knob design. Shop Built. https://youtu.be/nQTc9zITxAs
Shop Air Filtration System Rikon 62-400 PDF sketch of my shop layout and where I located the Filter. https://youtu.be/UGoHEWqc0zM
Brass Hammer PDF of instructions, my notes, and steps of assembly https://youtu.be/whY96GgzU1k
Rechargeable Battery Shelf Sketch PDF Sketch https://youtu.be/aPGVajOjEvQ
Utility Storage Shelving PDF sketch https://youtu.be/eNpmqF6SEPI
Shop Made Sanding Board PDF sketch https://youtu.be/k5TgW42KX4o
Using Cork Sanding Blocks PDF of how to fold sandpaper onto it https://youtu.be/dSffldYi78A
Glue Crate to Organize Glues PDF sketch of plans https://youtu.be/zKI0tXHg0jI
Shop Vac & Separator Cart PDF sketch of plans https://youtu.be/_igmW13AifI
Worksharp 3000 Work Station Vr3 PDF article and my sketch of plans https://youtu.be/4i9_zI8ailU
Shop Propane Heater Start Up & Shut Down PDF Article and link to YouTube video https://youtu.be/2lT_2QTlR0Y
Aligning Tip Axis for Lathe Duplicator Aligning Tip Axis for Lathe Duplicator https://youtu.be/zvm96cu1ChQ
Shop Storage Shelves Plans My sketch of plans https://youtu.be/tFE4rX2t5UM
Face Shield Exhaust Deflector Plan My sketch of plans https://youtu.be/SuFQd69qP4A
Trend Airshield Battery Charging Notes PDF file notes https://youtu.be/DwkSmlJKgJY
Setting the Speed Limit on the PSI Lathe How to adjust the low and high end speeds on the PSI lathe https://youtu.be/p1jEazEv3Tk
Router Table in Ridgid R4512 Tablesaw How to put a router table in the popular HomeDepot Tablesaw. PDF plans https://youtu.be/ALJ9tEdRf_U
Addendum to Router Table in Rodgid Table Saw Images of how I attached the table to the supports made https://youtu.be/ALJ9tEdRf_U
Flip Top Tool Stand My flip top tool stand and how I modified it to reduce the height https://youtu.be/Dwi6Ako3wq4
Porter*Cable 14" Band Saw Modifications 12 Modifications for better performance and use https://youtu.be/PN7aihpNwZQ
Carter Guides - Porter*Cable Band Saw How I adapted Carter Blade Guides to fit my Porter*Cable 14" Band Saw https://youtu.be/3LVx8PIXRnk
Precision Pliers Stand Plans for Harbor Freight Precision Pliers https://youtu.be/vt2VrmvlKOg
Shop Safety Notes Relative Links:  International Building Codes    Generic Local Guide https://youtu.be/ZAwMGb8Hz2E
Incra Mast-R-LiftII for Rockler Tables User Guide User Guide in PDF https://youtu.be/bCYDZ9EfxMw
Incra Mast-R-LiftII Mechanics & Maintenance PDF on maintenance https://youtu.be/UMaTKWjjq74
Lathe Bed Extension for PSI Turncrafter Instructions