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I am a woodworking artisan located in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania

With your purchase you receive a uniquely crafted item and you help support a disabled veteran and his family.

USFlag  Disabled Veteran

Specialty Crafts & Woodworking




I have been doing woodworking since grade school.  While I pursued a professional career, I kept enjoying woodworking as a hobby.

Many years of experience.  Now I am enjoying it in retirement and supplementing my Veteran's Disability Income.

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Southwestern PA

USFlag  Disabled Veteran


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Furniture, Gifts, Kitchen, Outdoor, Workshop, Jigs, and more.



A Veteran Owned Business in the USA making Metal Products for Everyday Use
BBQ's - Harley MC Parts - COVID - Plated Hats - Military . . . and More!!


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For custom and quantity work I will give you a price quote and production schedule time.
I will invoice you for payment via PayPal. To make payments other than that, please go to my
Payment Page.

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