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Description & Link Information & Additional Links Link to Applicable YouTube Video
WorkSharp 3000 Work Station Vr 3 WorkSharp 3000 Work Station Vr 3 https://youtu.be/4i9_zI8ailU
Pizza Cutter - Penn State Industries (PSI) Instructions with my notes https://youtu.be/JbjK34WKWQU
Pizza Cutter - Woodcraft Instructions Instructions with my notes https://youtu.be/ACbhYceAVOw
Making Bottle Stoppers How to make this easy bottle stopper kit for your wine and liquor bottles. https://youtu.be/p1eimF9ronw
2x4 Reindeer Quick & Easy Holiday Project made from 2x4's https://youtu.be/JTobMHeZnyc
Folding Knife Kit My notes & instructions https://youtu.be/mGFCAiWUjj0
Shaving Stand Set Notes & instructions. Stand, Razor Handle & Brush. https://youtu.be/axYeLGrIJx4
Bottle Stopper Design Grid Bottle Stopper Design Grid in PDF format. N/A
Bottle Balancer Instructions Patterns:  Fish   StraightRounded End   Wine Bottle   Wine Glass https://youtu.be/kl50Hp6Ygpo

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