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Specialty Crafts & Woodworking


After COVID we are having a Renewed Appreciation of Craftsmanship


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Addressing the COVID-19 Virus on Products Sold & Shiped, at Craft Shows


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This Site is to Serve Customers, and to Handle Custom and Quantity Orders.

Primarily the products I sell are listed on Etsy, which is best suited to one or two items as people wish to buy them.

For customizations, quantities, and relative discounts that may apply, I handle that through this site, as Etsy is not well suited to variations.

Another Purpose of this site is to provide product instruction and information to customers

. . . and to share tips, tricks, and techniques with my colleagues in the woodworking community.

Upcoming Crafts Shows & Events

Contact me directly for inquiries and to get the items and quantities you need.

Thank You!


Specialty Crafts Made of Domestic & Exotic Hardwoods, and Specialized Acrylics

Heirloom collections and gifts to please anyone.  Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Balancers, Pizza Cutters, Ice Cream Scoops,

Jewelry, Perfume Applicators & Misters, Utensils, Shaving Accessories, Tools, and more . . .


Product Examples


See www.GaryLundgrenCrafts.etsy.com for more items.

Specialty Crafts & Woodworking


Custom Orders

I make products to your specifications within my tooling capacities.
If you see a style or design somewhere, send me a picture of it.  I give free quotes.

Once I give you a quote on your order and you accept it,
I will send you an invoice via PayPal with a production schedule time.

When your payment is received your order is processed and shipped within the production schedule time.
To make payments other than that, please go to my Payment Page.


Quantity Discounts

Guaranteed Satisfaction, Materials, and Workmanship.

With your purchase you receive a uniquely crafted item and you help support a Disabled Veteran and his family.



Are you a Shooting or Firearms Enthusiast?

Patriot EZ Loader for the CMMG AR15 Bolt Conversion for 22LR Ammo Magazine

For firing 22LR ammo with an AR15. Fun Shooting & Plinking with Substantial savings on ammo.


Now Available in Four Colors


Black, Green, Blue, OD Green



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Thank You!  Gary Lundgren

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